Saturday, January 23, 2010

What do I think my child would look like?

My traits are that I am full filipino. I have black hair, straight hair, a normal nose I think, black eyes, a free earlobe, a full lip, no dimples, no freckles, and thick eyebrows but not that thick. I got these traits (characteristics) from my Mom and my Dad and this is how I look like now as a 12 year old boy. Both of my parent's heredity were passed on to my brother and me. But the weird part is that we my brother an I do not look like at all.

As I look like right now, my child would look like half me and the the real mom if I had sexual intercourse with. My child would look like half of me and half the birthmom. For example, if my child's birthmom was full filipino, my child would be full filipino too. But if my child's mom was a mix person such as filipino and spanish, my child would be fifty percent spanish and fifty percent filipino. As if the child would look like, it would depend of who has the dominant trait and the recessive trait and the baby would look half as us in human form. In this picture I was in the philippines with my brother. But I was in the 4th grade and 9 years old.


  1. cool, i like the mario game, i got paper mario on mines

  2. hey jacob,, i like that mario game.... u just cant stop playing it... but ur blog is really cool compared to RUBYS!!!!

  3. Hii Jacob !
    Haha . So dope the picture .
    You in Philippines .
    Lol (:
    anyways nice blog.